Working with North Wales Police

North Wales is a notorious honeypot area for all types of RoW users, and with that come inevitable incidents that any responsible laner would want to see prosecuted.

Over the years North Wales Police have worked alongside the Green Lane Association and with those we have fostered good working relationships with – local residents, land owners, councillors, and other user groups.

The culmination of these relationships has led to a number of initiatives being put in place to both deter, and to catch and prosecute those taking part in illegal and anti-social behaviour on public rights of way. Many prosecutions have taken place during this time thanks to the proactive work of all involved.

While details of such initiatives cannot be detailed publicly for obvious reasons, the measures include:

  • Improved signage – this ensures there is no ambiguity regarding the law
  • Multi-user groups – working together and with the police to educate and to report any inappropriate usage
  • Trail cams
  • ANPR cameras
  • Regular police patrols
  • The use of witness photographs and videos to aid identification and prosecution of law breakers