Water Break Its Neck, Powys

    You will not believe how much work Powys have done on Water Break its Neck. They have regraded a long section and re made that really nice ford on a bend. The Green Lane Association has donated £2,500 toward this which includes contributions from North Somerset LRC. Thanks ‘guys’.


    The picture above show what was the slide slope – which was previously impassible. There are now four fences alongside it. There is a section to the north that is downright dangerous, these holes will soon be under water. You can see the stone washed out of the road! This still needing working on.

    The September 2018 P-BUG meeting was followed by a visit to WBIN to view the works done. They have repaired or graded what must be over 2 miles to a very high standard. The Ranger 4x4 transporting us had trouble on a grassy section which confirmed several sections still need further work, which they plan to deal with and consequently we have agreed it would be unwise to open it before the spring.

    A temporary TRO has now been imposed on it from 22nd November 2018 until 21st May 2019 to allow for repairs to bed in and for works to be completed.