Affiliate Clubs

Affiliation is about being closely associated or connected for a common cause. We would therefore welcome the support of your club as your annual subscription will help us to preserve our heritage of ancient vehicular rights of way.

Highlighting your Affiliation with us and following the Glass Code of Conduct adds credence, and shows that you are encouraging your members to be responsible and caring drivers in the countryside. Our objectives are; access for all, not just 4x4’s. A list of current clubs supporting GLASS can be seen here

Membership of GLASS is also about giving something back; financial support to keep the green roads that we enjoy open, not just for the present, but hopefully for future generations too.

Other benefits of club membership include:

Regular digital bulletins

Two magazines per year

Members website and forum

Trailwise2 (TW2) - The essential green lane route planning tool

Access to area reps for route planning and advice

Member discounts from selected suppliers

Member of LARA, with a voice at government level

Legal challenges

Extensive knowledge base

Additional information:

Having listened to feedback from our Affiliate Club members, we have added an online facility for joining via the website using and simplified our pricing in favour of a flat rate for any club, regardless of size. This simply shows that the club 'supports' GLASS and its objectives.

A club membership provides one account for each web service, including Trailwise 2 for a Rights of Way officer. Logins must not be shared and GLASS suggest any active green laners within the club join as individuals. Please also note that supplier discount codes should not be shared with club members.

Many of the larger clubs collect funds each time they have a green laning trip and then make donations to our Legal / Fighting Fund as they feel appropriate. There is a facility to do this online and 100% of these donations are used for this purpose.

We also appreciate members visiting and ‘liking’ our Facebook page at Sharing important messages from us ensures that they get as much coverage as possible. It is all about getting our message out to the general public to get them onside.

If you need any further assistance, please do contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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