West Yorkshire, Ramsden Road, Holme Valley

    On 22 November 2018 an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order was placed on Ramsden Road (TW2 UID SE1105-05) by Kirklees Council for a period of 18 months. This ETRO has been revoked as of 25 January 2019 after Kirklees came under legal pressure from The Green Lane Association and other user groups. Kirklees have acknowledged that there were flaws in the making of the order. However it did have the positive effect of “flushing out anyone with an interest in the road” and this resulted in a well attended public meeting held in Holmfirth on 22 January 2019.

    Ramsden Road public meeting
    As a result of this TRO, a public meeting was held and this was well attended with all user groups represented, along with local residents and Kirklees councillors. The general feel of the meeting was that this route should be kept open to all users, although there is significant repair work required and off the back of the meeting a new user group is to be formed as a collective of all user groups and stakeholders. This group is to be called ‘Friends of Ramsden Road’ and will be set up by Kirklees in the very near future..

    This, we see as positive and now gives the opportunity for The Green Lane Association and other user groups to engage with Kirklees in the ongoing maintenance and management of this route. There has also been expressed desire for Kirklees to carry this process forward in the future to include all rights of way in their area.

    The repairs to Ramsden Road will involve significant costs, particularly since the feeling was that drainage issues to deal with water run off will need to be addressed in order to provide a sustainable surface in the long term. Like most local authorities in these times, Kirklees are cash strapped, so The Green Lane Association and other groups have committed to do what we can to support them. This may well include work parties in the future and we would request that everyone who can helps with this when the time comes.

    Some residents expressed concern at off-piste activity in the area, particularly at night and we have assured them of our continued support in trying to curb this. If anyone witnesses illegal activity we would urge you to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and report to the police on 101.