Holmfirth, Green Lane

Green lanes get the green light as Slaley Forest partnership promotes responsible use of public byways 

New signage is now in place at the Forestry Commission’s Slaley forest, Northumberland, which provides clear information on the rights of way through the forest trails.

Forestry Commission, working in collaboration with Northumbria Police, Northumberland County Council, Green Lane Association, Northumbria Trail Riders Fellowship and the local community, have improved access information so that everyone can enjoy the forest safely.  Slaley forest welcomes a variety of users from walkers, cyclists and horse riders to trail bikers and 4x4 drivers. The new signage clearly explains which routes through the forest are legally open to all traffic.



Alex MacLennan, Recreation & Public Affairs Manager for Forestry Commission for the North East has been leading the project and explains:
“Forestry Commission welcomes everyone to the public forest estate. Slaley is a popular location for trail bike riders and 4x4 drivers and part of managing this site with multiple users is to ensure that the public byways are clearly marked so everyone can maximise their enjoyment of this special forest, whilst at the same time staying on the right side of the law.”

Neighbourhood Inspector Pam Bridges said: “Northumbria Police is delighted to support this collaborative initiative. Police will continue to work with local agencies and individuals to ensure this area is available for visitors to enjoy.”

Northumbria Trail Riders Fellowship welcomes all responsible trail riders who are looking to learn where they can ride in the area, and have been a key contributor and partner in this project. Greg Villalobos, Chairman Northumbria TRF, said:

“All the riders at Northumbria Trail Riders Fellowship are proud to have been part of this initiative. We value the Green Road network in the north east and understand that Slaley Forest is an important and sensitive part of that. We believe that with a respectful approach all users can use the byways open to all traffic and that having clear signage, that doesn't discriminate against any particular user group, helps send out a positive message about where vehicles can and can't access.”

An equal contributor to the partnership has been The Green Lane Association (GLASS), who promote the responsible use of public byways. Darren Clark, Northumberland Area rep for The Green Lane Association, adds:

“The Green Lane Association (GLASS) is proud to support and work with the Forestry Commission in promoting the responsible use of our public byways. These new signs should make it easier for all users to access the forest legally. We believe everyone has a part to play in preserving this sensitive area of the northeast for all to enjoy.”

Darren Clarke, Northumberland Rep

A big thank you to Mark Lee The Green Lane Association member for standing in on my behalf