Cumbria: Old Coach Road

GLASS have committed £5,000 of a total repair budget of £20,000 after storms ripped the road apart a couple of years again.

This first phase was to clear the drainage gully running down the majority of the road edge. The spoil to be laid on the uphill side where possible or further away from the road edge so as not to build up a deeper edge than is already there at the
moment. The drainage repairs are being completed by Dan Birkett Construction, who are based in St John’s in the Vale and are very experienced in upland drainage repairs.

The diggers have spent last week up there (mid July 2018), so there is now a new surface over Hausewell Brow and the guys are just putting in both the replacement culverts and rebuilding the missing sections of the gully that runs the length of the lane.

The lane could really do with about three months to settle properly, but I doubt people will stand that, so please can we avoid driving until the end of August. Thank you.

The TrailWise UID for this road is: NY3123-01

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