Why is biosecurity important to the health of our trees?

'Biosecurity' is the prevention of the introduction and spread of harmful organisms. These organisms include non-native tree pests like oak processionary moth, and disease-causing organisms such as the fungus that causes ash dieback.

How do tree pests and diseases move around?

Tree pests and diseases can spread naturally through the wind, water and animal migration. However, human activity such as moving infected timber and wearing contaminated boots can have a big impact on the spread of these harmful organisms.

For us, it can be problematic travelling between areas in or on our vehicles, but it’s good practice to at least clean soiled boots, paws and tyres between areas, and definitely before crossing regions. Fording will do it, standing water splashes or local car wash. It’s not perfect but it should help. And make sure your truck is cleaned before the next trip.

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You could even buy a portable pressure washer:

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