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    The most recent security report from Skytag Stolen Vehicle Recovery, shows that yet again as we enter the darker winter months, vehicle thefts are on the increase.

    Skytag managing Director Guy Topsom says” We always see an increase in thefts during the winter months, because of the darker evenings and increase in windier weather. The additional cover of darkness and noise seems to be ideal conditions for car thieves"

    With this in mind, The Green Lane Association has a fantastic offer of a free Skytag* tracking device for all members.

    Skytag Offer 4 different levels of service:

    Standard cover includes monthly test, battery disconnect and low power alerts, 24 hour police liaison.

    (for everyday use vehicles)

    Night safe, as standard, but with night time movement alerts from a set protection zone.

    (for everyday use vehicles where they are vulnerable at night)

    Leisuresafe, as standard, but with 24 hour movement alerts from a set zone.

    (for w/e or Leisure vehicles where they are vulnerable in the day)

    Live View, as Leisuresafe with the addition of access to view the vehicle location live, you can also set zones and notifications.

    Sign up as a Green Lane Association member, then look in the members area for full details.

    * free tracker is subject to valid subscription payment.