GLASS Covid guidance

Firstly on behalf of the Green Lane Association we hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well during this difficult time.

The Covid situation is an ever-evolving one and it would therefore be remiss of us to put out any definitive information for our members and green laners in general to follow, but we do want to ensure that everyone understands where to find and access the most up to date and relevant guidance. We will update this page as things change.

November 2020

On the 5th of November England went into lockdown until 6th December, on the 9th November lockdown restrictions in Wales will be lifted.

While the restrictions in England and Wales will differ for several weeks during November until the 6th December, travel across the border for non-essential purposes in either direction will be prohibited.

Travel restrictions in Wales will be relaxed after the 9th November, but this is for local residents only and they are still being advised to adhere to social distancing measures, along with wearing PPE, and thinking carefully about the journeys they make. Travel into or out of Wales will remain restricted to essential journeys only. This of course does not include laning.

Outdoor activities

While both governments understand the importance of allowing people access to the outdoors for exercise, time in the fresh air and open spaces, and are allowing people to meet in outdoor areas (with restrictions as severe as only two people in England), they are also asking people to remain in their local area, adhere to social distancing and PPE measures, and to think about how essential any journeys are before people choose to make them. As laning is a recreational activity for most people, and not essential travel, it would be wise to avoid it as we all did during the previous lockdown.

Our activities during lockdown

Our reps will not be holding any laning trips or events/gatherings during lockdown in England or Wales as per the government guidelines. Reps will continue to work remotely during this time. Once restrictions are lifted this will change in line with new guidance and reps will update members as required.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the current rules and guidance which can be found here. Note that it is subject to change!

Stay safe and explore later!

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