Countryside Watch, December 2018

Derbyshire Police Rural Crime Team have asked Green Lane Association members to join their 'Countryside Watch' initiative which was first discussed during a meeting with Sgt James Shirley, PDNPA and the Green Lane Association in October. This recognises that users of the countryside like recreational vehicle users can be a useful source of 'eyes and ears' to help prevent rural crime, and to report suspicious 'goings on’.

You will see from the police web page that recreational vehicle users are recognised as legitimate users of the countryside, and that the stated priorities for the Rural Crime Team don't include any mention of 'off-roading'.

Sgt Shirley said: “These groups visit the countryside in all weathers, day and night, and will greatly increase that natural surveillance that’s required to help us protect our rural communities and the wildlife we are privileged to have here.”

Anyone seeing any illegal activity during their green laning trips is asked to dial 101 and report it.
You can follow the Rural Crime Team on Facebook or Twitter.