Corfe Clearance and Repairs

The first attached photo was taken in Spring 2014, a year after we were granted vehicular rights to drive the new BOAT at Corfe Castle.....and realised that we had some serious clearance work to carry out as well!

In September 2019 volunteers from the Green Lane Association, Dorset Land Rover Club and Solent & District Land Rover Club supported this clearance and repair project. We repaired a farmer’s fence alongside the BOAT, cut back large amounts of overgrown vegetation, rehung gates and replaced latches, reinstated a fence line which had been pushed into the track by vegetation encroachment and made the entry/exit gateway on a steep bank safer to use.

The hoops which had to be jumped through to fulfil the legal requirements for such a project, included filing all the relevant COSHH and NEEBOSH compliant risk assessments, Method Statements, Environmental Impact Statements, Emergency Action Plans, checking for any AONB, ESA and SSSI restrictions which may affect us, took me around 30 hours to complete. All this had to be done before a wonderful turnout of over 20 volunteers could raise so much as a pruning shear at an errant bramble bush.

The Green Lane Association has carried out regular clearances on this lane since 2014.

Rob Elliott, Dorset rep