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Registered at Companies House, number 5369836

VAT Registered, number 884 6462 79

Membership contact number: 0800 043 7844

"The Green Lane Association is a national user group protecting our heritage of ancient vehicular rights of way and promoting sensible driving in the countryside"

GLASS was registered as Green Lane Association Limited on 18/2/2005. The 2004 AGM resolved to incorporate the Association as a limited company with the following in mind;

'Limited' means that the liability of GLASS members and officers is limited; so that in a litigious world they are protected from personal financial risk.

'Incorporated' means that Courts, etc. will legally recognise GLASS as a body.

Technically, GLASS is a 'private company limited by guarantee'. This means there are no shares, and so no shareholders as such. Association members fulfill a similar role; electing directors, voting on constitutional or policy matters.

The law requires a limited company to deposit at Companies House a set of rules and regulations, describing the general aims and powers of the company, and so on. These form the 'Memorandum of Association'.

The law requires a limited company to have Directors. The 'Articles of Association' describe how directors are appointed - election by members in general meeting. Current directors are listed on the Committee page.

The Directors are responsible for seeing that the Association is run according to the law and according to its own rules and policies. In practice, GLASS' Board of Directors is kept small and retains a supervisory role only.

The day-to-day running of GLASS is entrusted to an Executive Committee, elected by the membership, and empowered to appoint additional officers with specific areas of responsibility. GLASS is run by and for members, with no paid staff. The more detailed 'Rules of the Association' govern the activities of the EC and all members, these are our 'handbook'.

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