Cheshire Police work to reduce illegal activity

In Cheshire we have an excellent working relationship with the local police. This has lead to several examples of the local force responding to both images supplied by members of the public (via local area reps) and by way of Facebook posts made by the offender, either boasting or asking for help. The result of these reports have been COVID and Section 59 sanctions.

Due to data protection, the police have been unable to feed back directly on a case by case basis, but as part of their own on going public engagement they have posted a number of times about progress made with illegal off-road use in the area.

The Green Lane Association have also been invited to attend educational ‘interventions’ whereby the police will stop people performing illegal activity and direct them to us for advice on legal lane usage and support. COVID has so far meant these have not yet taken place, but we are keen to make them happen.