Building relationships with Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire has recently come onto our radar here at The Green Lane Association. At first the behaviour of anti-social and illegal RoW users was causing relationships between all users groups, the local authority, and the police to become strained.

It was at this point that we got more involved in the county and are happy to report that an action group consisting of the local authority, police, safety partnership, BHS, and The Green Lane Association has made huge progress with forging a far more proactive relationship between all parties and tackling irresponsible users visiting the area together.

Education is key, as is finding solutions that are sustainable and do not reduce public access to the countryside. Thankfully we at The Green Lane Association have many years’ experience of involvement in such initiatives and are able to evidence what has worked and what has not in many complex cases across the UK.

Based on that information we have been asked to create a local campaign, attend/hold education days for the public and police in the area, and will be helping to lead various agreed solutions going forward. These initiatives include:

  • Signage and public information
  • The use of trail cams
  • Regular police patrols
  • Maintenance projects
  • Public awareness days
  • A social media campaign

Leicestershire Police have assured us that they will act upon photo and video evidence submitted to them, and the council have agreed to ongoing maintenance and support of new signage and trail cam initiatives.