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    Happy Valley Repair Fund

    The Green Lane Association team in North Wales are looking to raise money to repair the unsealed road known as Happy Valley in Gwynedd near Machynlleth. This route has had no investment in over twenty years and after being hit badly by Storm Doris last year, a section of the road surfaced was washed away. If you can help us, please make a donation. If everyone made a £5 or £10 donation, we’ll soon have enough funds to do the job, so everyone can enjoy this wonderful mountain road. Please click the white arrow to make your donation.

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    We take a look at some of the GPS and route planning devices that are available to help plan your trip.

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    We give you an insight as to why it’s so important to be a member of the Green Lane Association.

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    Our catalogue of rights of way in the UK. We look into why it was created and how it works.

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    SHOWTIME 2018!

    Check out the shows that we will be at in 2018

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    Our Spring magazine is now out for members. This issue we focus on novice laning. If you’re not a member, please click the arrow in the grey box (or the big green one at the top of the page) to join. There are plenty of other member benefits as well, plus you’ll be supporting the work we do on the ground.

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    But if you’re not with us, you don’t have a voice. Click the arrow to join us, and make a difference. The Green Lane Association – be a part of it. Let your voice be heard!

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